Reopening Plan


  • HAA will offer in-school classes 5 days a week for all students.
  • Families may attend in-person or from home through our remote learning option.
  • Families may choose to learn from home from month to month.  A parent contract will be supplied with more details as to the expectations for each student and parents.
  • If we receive State mandates that require all students to participate in distance learning, we are prepared!

What to Expect

Physical Distance

Our traditional class sizes enable us to consistently achieve 3-6 feet of physical distance.  Desks are now spaced apart and alternate learning spaces, staffed by faculty, may be utilized.  Additionally, arrival/departure times and room changes will be staggered.

Hand Washing

Students are required to sanitize their hands on the way in and out of the building and classroom.  A sanitizing station will be located at every classroom door, main entrance, and antimicrobial soap is available in all restrooms.  Further, supervised handwashing breaks have been added to the daily schedule.

Sanitized Spaces

All surfaces at the academy that students touch (including the playground) will be sanitized frequently throughout the day.  Deep cleaning will also be conducted each evening.  

Face Masks

All employees and students in grades 2-6 will be required to wear a face-covering while at school.  It is not required by students in PreK to grade 1, however many families have voiced that they have practiced face mask safety with their children and will continue to have them participate in this while at school.  Students may remove masks for eating and drinking purposes.  It is each family’s responsibility to supply and clean student masks.  In the event a child forgets their facial covering, the school will provide one.  Facial coverings with different designs or logos are acceptable but must be apolitical and appropriate for a school setting.

School Building & Classroom Safety

Our school staff has worked diligently at measuring space in our building and then determining how to allow all of our students to return to school while maintaining proper physical distancing.  Some classrooms have been redesigned to create more space.    Students will be required to wear facial coverings upon entering the exiting the school, in the hallways, and in restrooms.  Students may remove facial coverings during lunch, while outdoors for recess, and at times when they are seated and working quietly at their desk while maintaining a physical distance.

While indoors, classroom doors will be kept open and at least one window in each classroom will be opened throughout the day, all year long.  Students will be permitted to use their lockers; however, access will be limited and staggered to ensure physical distancing in the classrooms and hallways.

While in classrooms, students will have assigned seats.  Signage will be posted throughout the building outlining proper physical distancing and hand washing/sanitizing protocols.  This signage will be posted on the walls and marked on the floor in the hallways.

Daily Schedule

The school day will have a 2:30 pm dismissal.  Our master schedule will allow for academic class time, hand washing, cleaning in the classrooms, lunch periods, and recess.

Drop off & Dismissal

Students will enter the academy by the main entrance for grades K-6, and the Cultural Center Breezeway for students in PreK.  Drop off will begin at 7:30 am and finish by 7:50 am. 

There are 2 options for drop-off and pick-up. Option 1 is for a drive-thru drop-off. Option 2 is to park and walk their child to the designated entrance noted above.

Please pull up to the designated entrance. We ask if you do not need to get out of your vehicle wait while a staff member assists your child. Children should exit on the sidewalk side only. For those families choosing option 2 please park your car (back gated lot is available) and walk your child to the designated entrance. Once greeted by a staff member please return to your vehicle to exit.

School Visitors

All visitors will be required to wear facial covering and have their temperature taken.  In addition, no parent will be allowed in the building unless an appointment is made.

Parents that need to drop off an item to school will be asked to place the item in a designated area.

Remote Learning Option

At this time, we ask that families commit to an at-home learning option for the entire month.  Near the end of each month, we will offer this option again for the following month.  This option will be offered one month at a time throughout the school year.

We will allow a grace period during the first 2 weeks of school, in the event your family commits and decides that the choice is not working.  Also in the event, a medical concern develops with a student or their family member anytime during the school year, they may switch for the remainder of the month to at-home learning.

Students learning from home are expected to have a designated work area that provides them with a table or desk to sit at.  They will be expected to wear their school uniform during class time and to have their camera turned on.  During lesson time Zoom will be conducted by the classroom teacher.

We will be using various learning scenarios through Google Suites, virtual classrooms, as well as implementing multi sensory learning for all students to succeed.